Top 10 Knowledge and Skills need to manage complex projects!

November 7, 2016

Last year, PMI updated PMP Exam Content outline to include an extensive list of Knowledge and Skills every project manager should have. In total, over half of those subjects are not in the PMBOK 5TH Edition. This is also expected result from PMI because PMBOK is a guide book, heavily concentrated on the processes and the tools & techniques, also know as technical skills, to help project managers to manage their projects. In today’s environment, we know that technical skills are not enough, we, as project managers, must have professional skills, also know as soft skills, to navigate projects through to the success. Based on my experience, following knowledge and skills key to the success of the project you are managing: 1. Active listening 2. Business acumen 3. Coaching and mentoring 4. Conflict resolution 5. Decision-making 6. Delegation 7. Facilitation 8. Leadership 9. Negotiation 10. Situational awareness My next blog, I will discuss each of them in detail to give you an idea about the importance of the skill and when is the best time to use it. Top 10 project management tools and techniques will follow the knowledge and skills, stay tuned. For your questions and comment, [contact us]( at For more information about exam prep training sample materials and fact sheets visit **[Resources](** page. For public course calendar [click here](

Written By Christine Aykac

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