Project Risk Management - Intro

March 15, 2016

Risk is unavoidable, and every organization needs to take action to manage risk in a way which it can justify to a level which is tolerable. Risk management is a field of growing interest to projects as well as in operations. The purpose of developing risk management plan is to achieve better and more reliable outcomes from projects and business activities. To do this it is necessary to identify the major risks, prioritize,establish realistic budgets, schedule and contingencies for high risk tasks. There are several methods used to manage risk in projects. Sometimes, it is difficult to develop risk management plan than mitigate the risk. Some other times, well intentioned efforts to develop risk management plan that can absorb more effort than the benefit they deliver. It is important to be clear about what you want from risk management, to understand how it fits into your organisation’s other processes and to tailor your approach to suit. Our experienced team can help you to choose which course or workshop(s) is right for your team and organization. Following workshops are available for Program and Project Managers and their teams: › Program Level Risk Management – 1 day › Introduction to Project Risk Management - 1 day › Introducing Risk Management to Program Managers & Sponsors - 1 day › Risk Management Plan development – 1 day › Introduction to Risk Management methodologies – 1 day › Building Probability & Impact Matrix – 1 day › Risk Mitigation – ½ day In addition, we provide risk management maturity assessment and implementation services. Contact us today for more information at

Written By Christine Aykac

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