Latest update on ITIL and PRINCE2 Exam Changes!

November 7, 2016

As you may already heard, from January 1, 2014 forward the ITIL and PRINCE2 Project Management (PPM) portfolio will be managed by Axelos, which is taking over the accreditor responsibilities from APMG. AXELOS was formally established on 1 July 2013. It is a joint venture company owned by Capita (51%) and the British Government (49%). The CEO of AXELOS, Peter Hepworth, was appointed on 1 July. Staff from the Cabinet Office that deals with the Best Practice portfolio were transferred to AXELOS. **Mission of AXELOS** AXELOS will inherit the existing portfolio of Best Management Practice products (incl ITIL & PPM) from the Cabinet Office. AXELOS has announced that they will invest in order to develop this intellectual property (IP) in existing and new markets. AXELOS' aim is to modernize and extend the portfolio and to grow the international market for the benefit of the communities they support. Critically, AXELOS will have a primary focus on stimulating the growth of a vibrant, open and international community of training, consultancy and examination organizations and product vendors. **What we know today - About Exam** AXELOS has increased the exam purchase price towards the Exam Institutes; price, in essence, the buy price for the Exam Institute has tripled. There will continue to be some regional price differences, although not to the extent there are today. Exam Institutes have not shared their market prices yet, but it is expected that the price increase will be passed on to the candidates. **What about the ITIL maturity model** AXELOS will launch a comprehensive online service for those looking to track, develop and improve their ITIL maturity. The service includes 30 questionnaires covering all ITIL processes and functions. The full self-assessment gives users access to additional functionality and more than 2,600 extra questions. Self-assessments play a very important role for organizations to do an internal check to determine where they are. Self-assessments that are conducted by working through a checklist are one side of the spectrum; frameworks like TIPA or CMMI are on the other side and are typically conducted by trained assessors who follow the steps of an assessment standard like ISO/IEC15504. These are more qualitative assessments to demonstrate how an organization aligns with a standard, and to provide a deeper understanding of improvement initiatives. ** What about the PPM portfolio** AXELOS’ focus on marketing plus the availability of the PPM portfolio by all the Exam Institutes, will result in more emphasis on primarily PRINCE2 and secondary MSP, P30, MoR, etc. We expect that the market will grow, specifically in regions where PRINCE2 is only a small framework today. **What we know today – Exam Institutes** 9 out of 10 Exam Institutes will be offering the entire ITIL and PPM portfolio from January 1ST 2014 (only CertIT withdrew). The role of the Exam Institute is not changing, although some of the requirements are becoming more stringent for example the audit requirements, such as exam Institutes will focus on managing a smooth transition from the current scheme under APMG to the new Accreditor AXELOS. This means no new contracts, but working with addendums to the existing contracts Exam institutes will continue to work with ATOs to offer exams to the market, and work through testing centers like Prometric or Pearson. For more information, pelase contact us at

Written By Christine Aykac

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