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Mastering Risk in the Digital Age: Get Ahead of the Curve

Course Overview:

You should attend this course to gain an in-depth understanding of digital risks and how to manage them best. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to stay one step ahead of the digital future and be prepared for any eventuality. You will learn to identify, assess, analyze, and implement systems for managing risk, create policies for dealing with risk, and optimize the use of automation and AI technology. Build a culture of security within your organization, and plan for contingencies. By attending this unique risk management program, you can get a head start adapting to the ever-increasing digital age challenges.

Be a Digital Savvy Leader

Course Overview:

Professional life can be very challenging and competitive. With so many professionals today, it’s hard to see how the status quo will help you advance in your career, especially when technological innovations are constantly changing everything! This leads to difficult advancement and personal burnout for professionals, who are often overwhelmed with new learning requirements.

What makes us unique:  

Every leadership level course we offer is based on real-life case scenarios where the learner will learn to use their critical thinking skills to motivate a team, make trade-offs and employ decision-making techniques. Our students will learn to adapt their current skills and broaden their knowledge to successfully survey technology and digital business transformation while employing risk management techniques, data ethics and compliance, cybersecurity and more.

This is just an introductory overview course to help the learner understand where they want to go next and if there is a need to specialize in a more focused area of leadership.

All our workshops includes:

  • Virtual instructor-led classes with real-time access to class
  • Course materials, activities, and case studies
  • Three months of free access to the Decode Series Membership site
  • Professional Development Units (PDU) / Education Points
  • References and resources
  • At the end 1:1 coaching session

Certificate of Achivement:

You can make your resume stand out with this course. The final project will allow you to demonstrate a deep understanding of strategic and practical business benefits delivery, data value and ethics, and privacy and cybersecurity as pillars for leadership.

You are able to take advantage by claiming an eligibility certificate once you complete the course!

You will also be eligible for 8 PDUs or CPEs if you are certified with PMI or ISACA organizations.

Your instructors:

Amalia Barthel is currently a  “Top 30 of 800 instructors” in 2022 Instructor with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.  Amalia is recognized for her instructional and practical leadership knowledge at the University of Toronto, Seneca and online learning academies (such as Udemy and HST Talks) to prepare you for success in a business leadership role that is future-proof. Amalia has over 20 years of business, project management and GRC experience in the top 20 industries. She brings her expertise and a deep understanding of organizational strategic goals and how to achieve them in a highly demanding legal and regulatory arena in the design and delivery of all her courses.

Christine Aykac is an acclaimed instructor and learning strategist with over two decades of experience in business leadership and transformation. She is an internationally recognized coach for business and agile teams and has held leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. Christine has a wealth of knowledge to share with you, and this course is packed with valuable insights that you can apply to your leadership development journey.