Google employees speak out about the company’s data-mining practices

According to newly unsealed court records, Google employees are concerned about the company’s data-mining practices. However, internal review excerpts say they “don’t understand and can’t describe” precisely how users are being tracked. This information was released in the latest leg of an ongoing lawsuit filed against the tech giant over tracking practices of its flagship browser, Google Chrome. Despite promises to be more transparent and give users more control over their data, it seems that many Google execs have little understanding of what this actually means for users.

We believe that end users have the right to know! So do we! Last year, we dedicated one of our webinars to the topic of end-user rights and transparency: “Is the right to know part of your Privacy Requirements?” You can watch our webinar here:

We believe that we need to start taking our privacy knowledge and dialogue up a notch. It’s never too late to start! Privacy is about technology, and everything that happens at the data level is in some form of technology. We need to make sure that privacy is embedded in the design, allowing users to opt in and out of data collection as they please. We also need to enforce those practices so that there are no opportunities for abuse.

There’s no substitute for a transparent dialogue about data privacy – one that involves both customers’ voices as well as tech experts. We end users need to understand how they use it, why they collect it, and its implications. Only then can we begin to understand if their practices are actually providing us with the level of privacy we need and deserve. It’s time to start having an honest conversation about data-mining practices and ensure everyone is on the same page. Google has an opportunity to set a new standard in terms of user privacy, so let’s ensure they take it. We need to hold them accountable and make sure that our voices are heard.

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